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Play Wily is not just a play factory but it is a leader company in Europe to project, design and set up indoor and outdoor playgrounds; for years Play Wily works in the amusement field and takes care of all age’s fun through inflatables and play structures vending. An international company that has a popular trust from Italian and foreign customers, Play Wily is a solid European reality.

Play Wily entrusts its shipments to the most important shipper companies, as a results its customers receive goods in few working days all over the world. Thanks to its technical skills and the continuous search for innovation, Play Wily growing each day without any sort of obstacles. In Play Wily you can find inflatables, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, trampolines and any other items; on the our website you can find all you need to opening a play area. We offer commercial and technical services to customers, taking them to project their park, choosing together what better fit their needs, offering them delivery and installation services by skilled team.

Thanks to its huge warehouse, Play Wily has a lot of items ready in stock, as a consequence it is possible to set up in the same time several different play parks. Play Wily has highly skilled and experienced installation teams that after the set up give off documentations and certifications. The production department is located in the company, that’s why the customer has the best support by designers, producers, consultants, he/she will be encouraged on all possible solutions following his/her needs and desires. Play Wily also offers a 3D project for free in 24 working hours! Playgrounds are designed according to UNI EN standard so the best playability completely safe! This safety is the result of the raw materials quality used by Play Wily. Play Wily hasn’t any agent, so it offers the possibility to choose among several items in a “competitive price” and to benefit of the “Made in Italy”. Another reason to choose Play Wily is the possibility to follow directly the production phases. We all know that, as the French de Montaigne said: “It should be noted that children at play are not playing about; their games should be seen as their most serious-minded activity”. Enjoy your browsing!

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