Playground installed in Oteppe, Belgium

A tailor-made project for young Alex, a trampolinist and juggler who decided to open his own facility.

Alex's story has deeply touched us, and we are happy to have experienced it a bit ourselves, as protagonists.

Alex is a 24-year-old French guy who works as a street artist, specifically as a clown juggler, but above all, he loves performing acrobatics on trampolines.

His performances are mainly during parties and private events, and Alex loves children incredibly and, most importantly, loves to see them laugh.

Unfortunately, a few months before the start of the pandemic, a serious motorcycle accident left Alex bedridden for many months with the very likely risk of not being able to resume his acrobatic clowning activity (at least as far as trampolines are concerned).

Alex is a character overflowing with charm, one of those who make you laugh just by looking at him, and this positivity of his has remained part of his being even in this dramatic situation.

During his hospitalization, he decided that if he could no longer perform as a trampolinist at parties, he would do it as an entrepreneur, and that's when he decided to name his place CAP... An Italian company that has done so many installations in France? What could they possibly have that I can't find directly from a French company? This is the question that Alex confessed to us that he initially had. Of course, there were doubts and concerns due to the distance, but sending an email of inquiry is not a risk for anyone, so after a few minutes, Alex sent us his email, and at that moment, the spark ignited.

Our Export Manager, Roberta, contacted him and reassured him about the possibility of speaking comfortably in French, and after a few seconds of the first video call, Alex's face became a pill of positivity and good humor for us.

He explains his plan to us and tells us that, still through the web, he identified an industrial warehouse not far from where he lives, he sends us photos, videos, and above all, the floor plans of the area, and in a few days, Roberta presents him with the first draft of what will be CAP FUN the Clown's world, as he calls it.

The young Clown's ideas are very clear: "I want to focus everything on a very large playground even though I don't have much height available!" Thus, FRIX is born, the playground designed for him, and the measurements are designed to meet Alex's location characteristics.

A few more days, graphic work, and arrangement of the space in the venue, and everything will be ready.

It's late January, and Alex would like to be ready with the venue (but above all with his leg) by April 1st, and we are confident that we can make it happen. Unfortunately, neither we nor Alex had considered the arrival of the pandemic... and so everything came to a halt, the project was blocked, and perhaps... goodbye Cap Fun.

For a few months, we didn't hear from Alex, except for updates on his leg, which fortunately was almost completely healed by May, but the project was completely frozen.

After the installation, he told us that, in addition to Roberta's professionalism and technical expertise, he was impressed by her humanity and the personal relationship that had developed during those "dark" months.

April 10, 2022, our installation leader, the legendary Giannino, the man who, without knowing a word of French or English, traveled halfway around the world installing playgrounds and becoming friends with all customers (we still don't know how he does it... but that's why we call him the legendary one), declared his work finished and sent us the final installation report.

It will take another month or so to properly set up Alex's venue so that it can finally become Cap Fun. The venue can host up to 3 parties simultaneously, and on Saturday nights, Alex wants to organize themed evenings.

In our French friend's project, in the next two years, there are plans to add a food area inside the venue where mainly pizza and sandwiches will be served; the venue next to Cap Fun is already a pizzeria, and, effectively, combining the two could result in something very, very nice.

Now all that's left is to wait for the photos of the Cap Fun opening and hope, as for everyone, that things always go for the best.


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